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One of the most interesting and fun times I’ve had as a Tarot reader is group readings. I’ve read cards at birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and girl’s night out. Women seem to be more drawn to tarot, but that’s not to say I’ve never read for men. I think men are more hesitate to have their feelings and deep, dark secrets reveled. What do you think?

Group readings are fun for me because I encourage everyone to join in the fun. Ideas and inspiration come from many sources and I love hearing everyone’s take on the cards. Sometimes it opens up a whole new line of thought for me about a particular card. Following along this line of, “inspiration comes from many places,” last night while trying to turn my brain off and go to sleep, a new thought popped in my head concerning this week’s card, THE MAGICIAN


THE MAGICIAN is card number I in the Major Arcana. In last week’s discussion of THE FOOL, I liked it to graduation from High School or college. THE MAGICIAN is what happens after graduation. The card stands for new beginnings. For example, a new job. You will note on the card, that the magician has all his tools laid out on the table in front on him. He’s done with education and homework and is ready to put that knowledge to work. He is the master, the creator of new ideas. His wand is held high, a symbol of “I can do anything I desire. I have the power.” THE MAGICIAN is confident, intuitive, and willing to take risks. He knows his own potential and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. He wears the red robe of authority.

Last week I mentioned that Tarot can be as complicated or as easy as you wish to make it. The cards involve a knowledge of numerology, astrology, and the Qabalah to name only a few. (I know just enough about all of these to be really dangerous.) THE MAGICIAN is tied to the planet, Mercury. Mercury controls communications. Therefore, public speakers, TV news anchors, etc, etc, often draw this card. He is also tied to THOTH, the god of magic and writing. Authors may draw his card when thinking of new book ideas.

THE MAGICIAN plans and arranges his life.

Now, what happens on the flip side? THE MAGICIAN can also be timid, shy, have self esteem issues. He has trouble expressing himself. Sometimes people with learning disabilities pull this card.

I mentioned I had another thought last night for this card. It occurred to me that a magician depends on illusion, tricks, and slight of hand. Not everything you see is real. Trickery may be afoot. I will keep this in mind the next time THE MAGICIAN is thrown.


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You remember me saying that I have favorite tarot cards.? THE HIGH PRIESTESS is one of them. Every card in the tarot deck is full of symbolism, but The HIGH PRIESTESS takes the cake.

high priestess

You also may recall that I’ve said the tarot can be as complicated or as simple as you wish to make it. THE HIGH PRIESTESS involves Roman Catholicisam, Egyptian gods, medicine, The Temple of Solomon and Jewish traditions, to name a few. While it isn’t necessary to know everything about these topics, it doesn’t hurt either. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more in-depth and insightful your reading can be. However, for me, research is like housework. I start out just wanting to the mop the kitchen floor which leads to doing the dishes, cleaning out the refrigerator, rearranging the cabinets, etc, etc… I get too many things started and forget that by objective was just to mop the damn floor. So it is with tarot cards. I don’t want to get so obsessed in research that I forget that the most important aspect: intuition.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS if feminine energy to the umpth degree. She is liked to Shekhinah, the Hebrew feminine aspect of God. She is linked to the moon and all the moon goddess, but she is linked to Roman Catholicism as well. Her crown is a symbol of the Papal tiara, but also is similar to the crown of the Egyptian god, Hathor (the god of love and beauty.) It is said that she is Pope Joan who in mythology was elected to the papacy disguised as a man and she wears the royal robes.

temple of solomon

Temple of Solomon

On the left and right of the card are two pillars, marked B and J. These stand for Jachin and Boaz which were two copper pillars that stood on the porch of The Temple of Solomon, which was the first holy temple in ancient Jerusalem. In her hand is a scroll with the word, Tora engraved upon it which represents the Jewish Torah.Behind her is a tapestry of pomegranates which the Egyptian symbol of prosperity and ambition. Pomegranates have great healing powers as well. The rind and bark of the tree can be used for diarrhea, dysentery, and intestinal parasites. The seeds and juice is a tonic for the heart and throat. The juice is also used in eye drops to slow the development of cataracts.

You may notice a pattern here. THE HIGH PRIESTESS is at home in both the spiritual and the real world. When this card is thrown in my readings, she stands for mysticism, beauty, love, great wisdom, intuitiveness, the influence of women. She is able to unravel mysteries and secrets but is more than capable of keeping them as well. Is my client at odds about dishonoring a trust?

The card can also mean that my client has been in a waiting period and the time is right to start exploring their spirituality. This card comes up on mothers, for example who have been busy with raising children, carpools, housework, cooking and cleaning. Now their children are grown and they have the time to devote to her own psychic development. Perhaps becoming a tarot reader? This card also is a sign for clients that have been shutting off their intuitive side to come-out-of-the closet and join in the fun.

If a writer threw this card, it may be sign to start writing the paranormal genre.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS is a sister to THE EMPRESS which, conveniently is next week’s card.

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In the tarot certain cards are easy to interpret. The Empress is one of these cards. She stands for new creation. Mother Earth. Fertility, abundance and material wealth.

The Empress is linked to the planet Venus, Goddess of not only love but beautiful things and gardens. She is surrounded by an abundance of grain and wears a robe of pomgranents, so don’t be surprised if farmers, ranchers, or anyone connected with agriculture pulls this card. If, for example, a student requested a reading on what major he/she should persue and I threw The Empress, I would suggest agriculture.

The Empress is new creation and can literally signify pregnancy. Here again, however, think outside the box. A woman may not be physcially pregnant but be “pregnant” with new ideas for a career or project she is thinking about. The surrounding cards will help determine which serino is correct. This card can also show up after a divorse when the client is starting over and is ready to create a new life.

One the flip side, however, The Empress can mean jealousy, worry (like a mother hen), possessivness, smothering, and not being able to let go.

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The Emperor is the macho man of the Tarot. He is the Cowboy, John Wayne, Tom Selleck. The mighty young warrior, NCIS’ Leroy Jethro Gibbs, seasoned by battles and conflicts.

Look at the picture. His likeness screams authority. The Emperor’s long, white beard is a symbol of wisdom. He wears royal robes but his feet and legs are covered in armor. Yes, he is the wise, seasoned war veteran but is more than capable of kicking your ass if need me. The Emperor’s astrological sign ties to Aries. Aries is fire and passion.

Authority figures such as judges, police, corporate and governmental identities often throw this card. He also represents the strong father figure. If you look at him from this viewpoint, he is male energy. However, you know me, I like to think outside the box. Women often pull this card as symbol of strength, wisdom, and the take charge side of their personality. Joan of Arc would pull this card, so would Margaret Thatcher. The Emperor symbolizes leadership, will power and self-control acquired through experience.

On the flip side, The Emperor can be a mean son-of-a bitch. He has contempt for authority or order of any kind. He has trouble controlling himself. Hates his parents, especially his father. He is immature and often violent. Definitely not a nice guy.

I like The Emperor. He’s the hero. The good-guy. The go-to guy (or woman.) I want him on my side. And just like the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas,” you don’t mess with The Emperor.

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The Hierophant

Reading the Tarot is a new experience everytime not only because my clients are different but because of the cards them selves. Each card is jammed-packed with symbols and meanings. I could study a card for weeks and still learn something new the next time I threw it. The Hierophant is an excellent example.

Hierophant means, “the one who teaches the holy things.” Some decks refer to the card as, The Pope.” Look at the picture. Sure looks like the Pope, doesn’t it? Therefore this card stands for religion and orthodox theology.

Oh boy, do I stuggle with organized religion. When religion is good, it’s very, very good, but when it’s bad, it’s awful. Which reprents (for me) the down side to this card. It can stand for cult leaders and false prophets, slander, propaganda, and bad advise.

The Hierophant is a wise, holy man. His hand is raised in blessing or benediction. Two fingers are up while two fingers are down which represents the bridge between heaven and earth. He is the true “pontiff” because he acts as a “go-between” between God and man. I have a problem with this. I don’t need a go-between to talk to God. However, I suppose others do which is why this card is in the Tarot deck. The Hierophant stands for good counsel, advise and teaching. A seeker of knowledge and good. He sits between two pillers, Law and Liberty, wears a triple crown of authority and has the keys to heaven at his feet.

Taking the religion out of this card, The Hierphant can mean someone who is the “piller of the community” who strives to always do what is right. He will stick with the tired and true methods and balk at new ways of doing things.

I remember one client who pulled this card and it stopped me cold. Sometimes this happens in a reading. The reading had nothing to do with religion in anyway until The Hierophant showed up. When I get a “brain freeze” while reading, I stop and ask my angels for help. Clear as a bell it hit me. The client had been, “born again” and was starting on a new path of spirituality and religion. This was extremely personal for the client and they were shocked at my intrepretation.

Quite recently The Hierophant showed up in another reading that had nothing to do with the client’s spirituality or religious beliefs. I kept starting at the card and wondering why the Pope would pop up just out of the blue. Then it dawned on me. I asked the client if they were thinking on taking a trip to Rome. Eureka! Yes. The client had gotten an invitation to travel to Italy and was wondering if they should go. Based on this card and the surrounding ones, I advised them to have a wonderful trip. This is yet another example of thinking outside the box when reading tarot.

Next week: The Lovers!

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Hot damn! Here comes The Lovers. Oh boy, sex, passion and love all rolled up in one card. Sort of.

Old tarot decks called this card, “the amorous one” and signified one person being in love with another. The angel above the man and woman is Raphael, Angel of Air. Since this card ties to the astrological sign of Gemini, Raphael is only fitting. Gemini is an air sign. Communication is tied to air as well because radio waves, TV signals, etc, ride on airwaves. Therefore there is a strong message here about how important communications is to love. In older decks however, the angel was Cupid who aimed his arrow at ?????. No one could tell if it were the man or the woman he aimed for. Cupid’s arrow could only make one person fall in love, not two. Which can mean (sometimes) one can have strong love for another but the feeling isn’t mutual.

The man and woman in the Ryder-Waite deck represent Adam and Eve. The tree of knowledge stands behind Eve and the world- famous serpent is wrapped round the trunk. There are five apples on the tree which represent the five senses. The snake is also a symbol for the senses. Behind the man is flame which symbolizes his passion and great “out-of-control, head-over-heels love.” The twelve flames stand for the twelve astrological signs. Again, it’s only right that Gemini is the sign for The Lovers. If you choose to believe the Bible’s First Testament, Eve was split apart from Adam and therefore is his twin. Ah, notice I said if you choose. The Lovers is a card of choices.

Choices have consequences. Just like Adam eating the apple. It was his decision. His choice. Look what (supposedly) happened because he picked wrong. Therefore this card will appear in readings when the client is torn between doing what is right or moral and what his heart or the senses tempt him to do. Because this card is a member of the major arcana, the decision carries a lot of weight and is quite important. Only fools rush in. Give the decision deep thought.

The Lovers not only represent physical attraction between two people but also great love one has for other things such as their career, car, house, pets, and property. The card stands for perfection, harmony, and mutual attractiveness. I have interpreted this card as a strong partnership (as in business) that is blessed and watched over by a power greater than ourselves. The card also shows up when the client has a huge guardian angel watching over him/her that is all-seeing and all-knowing and gives his blessings.

The Lovers connect with our psyche. Are we happy with our own partnership with Spirit? With ourselves?

The Lovers card can stand for inspiration, playing hunches and second Sight.

But, never fear, this card is also red-hot, mind-blowing, all-consuming passion and sex!

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Remember the famous chariot race in Ben Hur? Imagine the skill, determination, focus and control it would take to drive a chariot. It’s little wonder, therefore why this card means just that; control. Self-control. Self-confindence. Control over situations and other people.

Chariots attacked from the side, a different angle. If a client wanted a reading on why a problem wasn’t being solved and The Chariot appeared in his spread, I would suggest to look at the siutuaion from a different viewpoint, a different perpective. Think outside-the-box.

The driver of the chariot is in control. He determines the direction (or goal) in which every action is headed toward. He cracks the whip. Gets things going. Gets things done. The Chariot is forward, forceful movement. The five starts on the charioteer’s crown represent perfection. The horses pulling the chariot are strengh and power.

This card could show up in reading to tell the client its time he/she stepped-up-to-the-plate. Stop being a victium. Take the reins and start controling thier own lives. If a writer pulled this card, for example, I would advice them to finish that book. Quit making excuses. Put their butt-in-the-chair and write. Or, if the book was finished and the problem was finding an agent or publishier I would say look for the one that gets the job done. Or self-pup the book. YOU are in control.

On the flip side this card can mean imbalance. Self-destruction. Loss of control. Stubborness. Cruelty. Insensitivity.

An interesting outside-the-box thinking with this card is that it can represent cars and trucks. In old days the chariot was a form of transportation. Today automobiles carry us around. I have done readings when The Chariot pops up and I’ve told the client that it was time to consider buying a new car. Or to be on guard and alert to their car’s mechanical health. Normally I don’t get readings for myself because it’s difficult for me to stop interrupting the cards and listen to the messages that the reader is receiving. However, from time-to-time I do sit across the table and become the client. At one of these times, The Chariot popped up. The reader advised me to get my car checked over. I procrastenated. The next week my brakes went out.

I like The Chariot. This card is for go-geters and forward thinking people. A card for those not afraid to get the job done. Power. Determination. The Chariot is also a card for control freaks who aren’t willing to listen or hand over the reins to others. Tyrants. Dictators.

Just as a chariot requires balance to keep from tipping over so is it required in our daily lives. “With great power comes great resposnsbility.

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