In the tarot certain cards are easy to interpret. The Empress is one of these cards. She stands for new creation. Mother Earth. Fertility, abundance and material wealth.

The Empress is linked to the planet Venus, Goddess of not only love but beautiful things and gardens. She is surrounded by an abundance of grain and wears a robe of pomgranents, so don’t be surprised if farmers, ranchers, or anyone connected with agriculture pulls this card. If, for example, a student requested a reading on what major he/she should persue and I threw The Empress, I would suggest agriculture.

The Empress is new creation and can literally signify pregnancy. Here again, however, think outside the box. A woman may not be physcially pregnant but be “pregnant” with new ideas for a career or project she is thinking about. The surrounding cards will help determine which serino is correct. This card can also show up after a divorse when the client is starting over and is ready to create a new life.

One the flip side, however, The Empress can mean jealousy, worry (like a mother hen), possessivness, smothering, and not being able to let go.

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