The Emperor is the macho man of the Tarot. He is the Cowboy, John Wayne, Tom Selleck. The mighty young warrior, NCIS’ Leroy Jethro Gibbs, seasoned by battles and conflicts.

Look at the picture. His likeness screams authority. The Emperor’s long, white beard is a symbol of wisdom. He wears royal robes but his feet and legs are covered in armor. Yes, he is the wise, seasoned war veteran but is more than capable of kicking your ass if need me. The Emperor’s astrological sign ties to Aries. Aries is fire and passion.

Authority figures such as judges, police, corporate and governmental identities often throw this card. He also represents the strong father figure. If you look at him from this viewpoint, he is male energy. However, you know me, I like to think outside the box. Women often pull this card as symbol of strength, wisdom, and the take charge side of their personality. Joan of Arc would pull this card, so would Margaret Thatcher. The Emperor symbolizes leadership, will power and self-control acquired through experience.

On the flip side, The Emperor can be a mean son-of-a bitch. He has contempt for authority or order of any kind. He has trouble controlling himself. Hates his parents, especially his father. He is immature and often violent. Definitely not a nice guy.

I like The Emperor. He’s the hero. The good-guy. The go-to guy (or woman.) I want him on my side. And just like the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas,” you don’t mess with The Emperor.

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