I have many personalities and egos living inside of me. Don’t worry. They only come out and play when I write. One of them is Bethany Ann.

Bethany Ann is a backwoods, southern demon-fighter who hangs out in the swamps of Louisiana. She isn’t a complicated person, however she is a deep-thinker. Split-in-halves is a prime example. Here is her explanation as told to me at twilight when fire-flys twinkle and dimensions fade:

“Split-in-halves are souls that make a pact of strong friendships long before they step into human skin. Sometimes they stay tied together and are called twins. Most of the time, however, they split and go in different directions. No matter how long they might wander alone, split-in-halves are never lost from their other half. That’s way a stranger can look so familiar. Why close friendships be made within seconds. Their bond is golden, blessed by all that is holy. It’s rare split-in-halves remember their other half while in human form. They feel kinship to the other and a strong bond, but can’t put their finger on why.”

This past weekend I got to unite with one of my split-in-halves. How do I know this soul is my split-in-half? I was immediately drawn to this person. This magnetic pull was so strong, yet so explainable, I just had to trust my gut.(My gut is seldom wrong.)We sat in bright sunshine with nature surrounding us and made small talk before we dove into deeper conversations tinged with spirituality, science, and philosophy. Like mystics of old we shared ideas and wondered about the meaning of life, God, and our personal connection to all of it.

There are times my soul hungers for this kind of give-and-take. Finding like-minded people is a challenge at times, but I can always count on my split-in-halves to seek and find me. Our insights and questions full-fill and enlighten yet always leaves me yearning for more.

Do you have a split-in-half? I hope so.

Split-in-halves do a body good.

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