Gremlins of the Mind

Some of you may be familiar with the song, “Windmills of the Mind.” It’s one of my favorites. However, I have Gremlins of the Mind.

Gremlins were portrayed in the movie as cute, cuddly, little fur-babies, especially Gizmo. Cute and sweet until they got wet or were fed after midnight. Then they turned mean, crazy, and destructive. I choose to think the Gremlins I deal with are cute and sweet but extremely mischievous.

All of us have Gremlins in our lives. Ever lose something that minutes before was in plain sight only to show up later in the exact same spot before it went missing? Gremlins. They steal things. They’re especially fond of bling. Shiny jewelry, hair barrettes, even coins. I can put up with that. I chuckle and say out loud, “Ok, you furry, little bastards, very funny. You need to bring it back.” Lost things eventually show up. I say, “thank you, and go on.

The problem is, my gremlins not only “borrow” my bling, but my thoughts as well.

Take yesterday for example. I spent all morning looking for two necklaces. All my jewelry live in a standing armoire. I got that piece of furniture just for that purpose. I was tried of my nick-naks being stuck in various places. I KNEW those necklaces were in the armoire. But they weren’t. None of my necklaces were. WTH?

Exhausted from looking all through the house, which was a big waste of time, I flopped down in a chair and pouted. My ex-husband, (who I live with —a story for another time) asked what was wrong. When I told him,he asked, “did you check the sides?” Well, damn, Sam. I’d totally forgotten the sides of the armorie swung out. The necklaces were there.

That afternoon I went to Walmart. I wanted cream cheese. What did I buy? Sour cream!

I tore my car apart looking for my sunglasses. Bought a new pair only to find the old pair on top of my head.

Years ago, Mama searched the kitchen from top to bottom looking for the coffee pot only to find it in the refrigerator. At the time, I thought she was losing her mind. I understand now.

She had Gremlins of the Mind!

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