You remember me saying that I have favorite tarot cards.? THE HIGH PRIESTESS is one of them. Every card in the tarot deck is full of symbolism, but The HIGH PRIESTESS takes the cake.

high priestess

You also may recall that I’ve said the tarot can be as complicated or as simple as you wish to make it. THE HIGH PRIESTESS involves Roman Catholicisam, Egyptian gods, medicine, The Temple of Solomon and Jewish traditions, to name a few. While it isn’t necessary to know everything about these topics, it doesn’t hurt either. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more in-depth and insightful your reading can be. However, for me, research is like housework. I start out just wanting to the mop the kitchen floor which leads to doing the dishes, cleaning out the refrigerator, rearranging the cabinets, etc, etc… I get too many things started and forget that by objective was just to mop the damn floor. So it is with tarot cards. I don’t want to get so obsessed in research that I forget that the most important aspect: intuition.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS if feminine energy to the umpth degree. She is liked to Shekhinah, the Hebrew feminine aspect of God. She is linked to the moon and all the moon goddess, but she is linked to Roman Catholicism as well. Her crown is a symbol of the Papal tiara, but also is similar to the crown of the Egyptian god, Hathor (the god of love and beauty.) It is said that she is Pope Joan who in mythology was elected to the papacy disguised as a man and she wears the royal robes.

temple of solomon

Temple of Solomon

On the left and right of the card are two pillars, marked B and J. These stand for Jachin and Boaz which were two copper pillars that stood on the porch of The Temple of Solomon, which was the first holy temple in ancient Jerusalem. In her hand is a scroll with the word, Tora engraved upon it which represents the Jewish Torah.Behind her is a tapestry of pomegranates which the Egyptian symbol of prosperity and ambition. Pomegranates have great healing powers as well. The rind and bark of the tree can be used for diarrhea, dysentery, and intestinal parasites. The seeds and juice is a tonic for the heart and throat. The juice is also used in eye drops to slow the development of cataracts.

You may notice a pattern here. THE HIGH PRIESTESS is at home in both the spiritual and the real world. When this card is thrown in my readings, she stands for mysticism, beauty, love, great wisdom, intuitiveness, the influence of women. She is able to unravel mysteries and secrets but is more than capable of keeping them as well. Is my client at odds about dishonoring a trust?

The card can also mean that my client has been in a waiting period and the time is right to start exploring their spirituality. This card comes up on mothers, for example who have been busy with raising children, carpools, housework, cooking and cleaning. Now their children are grown and they have the time to devote to her own psychic development. Perhaps becoming a tarot reader? This card also is a sign for clients that have been shutting off their intuitive side to come-out-of-the closet and join in the fun.

If a writer threw this card, it may be sign to start writing the paranormal genre.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS is a sister to THE EMPRESS which, conveniently is next week’s card.

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