Cats are from Venus; Dogs are from Pluto?

Since Halloween is upon us I thought I’d share one of my best woo-woo stories with y’all. I swear every bit of this is true:

A few years ago I went to see an old friend and have dinner with her. It was one of those perfect summer nights. Not too hot, not to cold. Warm, gentle breeze blowing. After supper we went outside on the patio to have a drink and enjoy the evening. Around dusky-dark the stars started to pop out one-by-one.

I began to wax philosophical. Don’t laugh. I do this quite regularly with people I’m comfortable with and who appreciate stimulating, deep conversations. Venus was showing off this evening, shining brightly in the sky so I asked, “I wonder if aliens have pets?” Of course my friend laughed but joined in my musing just the same.

“How will we never know?” was her response. I continued on with my thoughts.

“Venus is my ruling planet and since I’m a crazy cat lady, I choose to believe Venus has beautiful, planetary felines.”

When it was time to leave, my freind walked me to my car. Low and behold, here came a cat strolling up her driveway. “Do you know this cat?” I asked.

“Nope. I’ve lived here two years and have never seen him before.”

My car window was down and Mr. Cat immediately jumped into my car and curled-up in my back seat. Laughing, I opened the car door and sat beside him. He was a beautiful Siamese cat. Now, I’m not going to say all Siamese cats are crazier than a loon, but every one I’ve encountered are wild, loud, and nutter than a jar of Peter Pan. Even still, they are one of the most beautiful felines God created. This particular one was quite striking with its blue eyes and silky fur. And he was a little lovey-dove too. He purred and rubbed against me like he’d known me for years. I noticed he wore a collar and a tag. Thinking the tag would have his owner’s address I turned it over to read it. No address just his name.

Want to guess what his name was?


If I’m lying, I’m dying.

“Guess that answers your question.” My freind said.

So, folks, yes. Aliens have pets. Venus has Siamese Cats which explains why they are so goofy. They come from outer-space!

This magical moment in time prompted yet another question from me.

“If cats are from Venus, does that mean dogs are from Pluto?”

Inquiring minds want to know.

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