Hot damn! Here comes The Lovers. Oh boy, sex, passion and love all rolled up in one card. Sort of.

Old tarot decks called this card, “the amorous one” and signified one person being in love with another. The angel above the man and woman is Raphael, Angel of Air. Since this card ties to the astrological sign of Gemini, Raphael is only fitting. Gemini is an air sign. Communication is tied to air as well because radio waves, TV signals, etc, ride on airwaves. Therefore there is a strong message here about how important communications is to love. In older decks however, the angel was Cupid who aimed his arrow at ?????. No one could tell if it were the man or the woman he aimed for. Cupid’s arrow could only make one person fall in love, not two. Which can mean (sometimes) one can have strong love for another but the feeling isn’t mutual.

The man and woman in the Ryder-Waite deck represent Adam and Eve. The tree of knowledge stands behind Eve and the world- famous serpent is wrapped round the trunk. There are five apples on the tree which represent the five senses. The snake is also a symbol for the senses. Behind the man is flame which symbolizes his passion and great “out-of-control, head-over-heels love.” The twelve flames stand for the twelve astrological signs. Again, it’s only right that Gemini is the sign for The Lovers. If you choose to believe the Bible’s First Testament, Eve was split apart from Adam and therefore is his twin. Ah, notice I said if you choose. The Lovers is a card of choices.

Choices have consequences. Just like Adam eating the apple. It was his decision. His choice. Look what (supposedly) happened because he picked wrong. Therefore this card will appear in readings when the client is torn between doing what is right or moral and what his heart or the senses tempt him to do. Because this card is a member of the major arcana, the decision carries a lot of weight and is quite important. Only fools rush in. Give the decision deep thought.

The Lovers not only represent physical attraction between two people but also great love one has for other things such as their career, car, house, pets, and property. The card stands for perfection, harmony, and mutual attractiveness. I have interpreted this card as a strong partnership (as in business) that is blessed and watched over by a power greater than ourselves. The card also shows up when the client has a huge guardian angel watching over him/her that is all-seeing and all-knowing and gives his blessings.

The Lovers connect with our psyche. Are we happy with our own partnership with Spirit? With ourselves?

The Lovers card can stand for inspiration, playing hunches and second Sight.

But, never fear, this card is also red-hot, mind-blowing, all-consuming passion and sex!

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