Remember the famous chariot race in Ben Hur? Imagine the skill, determination, focus and control it would take to drive a chariot. It’s little wonder, therefore why this card means just that; control. Self-control. Self-confindence. Control over situations and other people.

Chariots attacked from the side, a different angle. If a client wanted a reading on why a problem wasn’t being solved and The Chariot appeared in his spread, I would suggest to look at the siutuaion from a different viewpoint, a different perpective. Think outside-the-box.

The driver of the chariot is in control. He determines the direction (or goal) in which every action is headed toward. He cracks the whip. Gets things going. Gets things done. The Chariot is forward, forceful movement. The five starts on the charioteer’s crown represent perfection. The horses pulling the chariot are strengh and power.

This card could show up in reading to tell the client its time he/she stepped-up-to-the-plate. Stop being a victium. Take the reins and start controling thier own lives. If a writer pulled this card, for example, I would advice them to finish that book. Quit making excuses. Put their butt-in-the-chair and write. Or, if the book was finished and the problem was finding an agent or publishier I would say look for the one that gets the job done. Or self-pup the book. YOU are in control.

On the flip side this card can mean imbalance. Self-destruction. Loss of control. Stubborness. Cruelty. Insensitivity.

An interesting outside-the-box thinking with this card is that it can represent cars and trucks. In old days the chariot was a form of transportation. Today automobiles carry us around. I have done readings when The Chariot pops up and I’ve told the client that it was time to consider buying a new car. Or to be on guard and alert to their car’s mechanical health. Normally I don’t get readings for myself because it’s difficult for me to stop interrupting the cards and listen to the messages that the reader is receiving. However, from time-to-time I do sit across the table and become the client. At one of these times, The Chariot popped up. The reader advised me to get my car checked over. I procrastenated. The next week my brakes went out.

I like The Chariot. This card is for go-geters and forward thinking people. A card for those not afraid to get the job done. Power. Determination. The Chariot is also a card for control freaks who aren’t willing to listen or hand over the reins to others. Tyrants. Dictators.

Just as a chariot requires balance to keep from tipping over so is it required in our daily lives. “With great power comes great resposnsbility.

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