Cats are from Venus; Dogs are from Pluto?

Since Halloween is upon us I thought I’d share one of my best woo-woo stories with y’all. I swear every bit of this is true:

A few years ago I went to see an old friend and have dinner with her. It was one of those perfect summer nights. Not too hot, not to cold. Warm, gentle breeze blowing. After supper we went outside on the patio to have a drink and enjoy the evening. Around dusky-dark the stars started to pop out one-by-one.

I began to wax philosophical. Don’t laugh. I do this quite regularly with people I’m comfortable with and who appreciate stimulating, deep conversations. Venus was showing off this evening, shining brightly in the sky so I asked, “I wonder if aliens have pets?” Of course my friend laughed but joined in my musing just the same.

“How will we never know?” was her response. I continued on with my thoughts.

“Venus is my ruling planet and since I’m a crazy cat lady, I choose to believe Venus has beautiful, planetary felines.”

When it was time to leave, my freind walked me to my car. Low and behold, here came a cat strolling up her driveway. “Do you know this cat?” I asked.

“Nope. I’ve lived here two years and have never seen him before.”

My car window was down and Mr. Cat immediately jumped into my car and curled-up in my back seat. Laughing, I opened the car door and sat beside him. He was a beautiful Siamese cat. Now, I’m not going to say all Siamese cats are crazier than a loon, but every one I’ve encountered are wild, loud, and nutter than a jar of Peter Pan. Even still, they are one of the most beautiful felines God created. This particular one was quite striking with its blue eyes and silky fur. And he was a little lovey-dove too. He purred and rubbed against me like he’d known me for years. I noticed he wore a collar and a tag. Thinking the tag would have his owner’s address I turned it over to read it. No address just his name.

Want to guess what his name was?


If I’m lying, I’m dying.

“Guess that answers your question.” My freind said.

So, folks, yes. Aliens have pets. Venus has Siamese Cats which explains why they are so goofy. They come from outer-space!

This magical moment in time prompted yet another question from me.

“If cats are from Venus, does that mean dogs are from Pluto?”

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Who Ya’ Gonna’ Call?—-Not Me!

Ok. I am a tarot card reader. Ok. I’m a paranormal/supernatural author. Ok. I like most things woo-woo. BUT. I do have limits and ghost hunting/busting is one of them.

I was channel surfing the other night and came across The Travel Channel. This channel features a lot of paranormal shows and ghost hunting programs. One program scares the willies out of me, even though I am addicted to it.

This show features four guys that go around the country looking for ghosts. They investigate haunted houses, museums, old hospitals, sanatoriums, old prisons,(for some reason they really like old prisons.), basically any place that is reported haunted. However, these men aren’t searching for Casper the Friendly Ghost. Noooooo. They hunt for demons. Yep. That’s right. Good ol’ slobbering, ugly, evil demons from hell.

If you go looking for something, you usually find it.

Here I was all tucked in on the couch. Lights off. Cat curled by my side. A bowl of popcorn in my lap. All comfy-cozy and ready to watch these guys. Comfy-cozy didn’t last long.

Right out of the gate, they encounter a demon. True to demon behavior the first thing it says in voice that makes every hair on my body stand up straight, is “GET OUT.” Well, of course that is just a teaser to these guys. I’d of made a new door getting the hell out there but they not only say no, they provoke the demon!

“No, we aren’t going to leave. You want a piece of me? Ok. Here I am, come get me!”

The next thing I knew, the demon’s face appeared in the mirror and attacked the ghost hunters. I about peed my pants. Popcorn went flying. Cat went flying. Turned on every light in the place.

They poked the bear (or demon in this case) and when they got attacked, they went berserk, freaked out, and had a major melt-down. Well, what do you expect? You asked for it. These guys are bat-crap crazy! It’s a classic case of, “be careful what you wish for.”

The moral of this story is, if one night you and your buddies are kicking back, downing a few cold ones, and somebody says, “Let’s go ghost-hunting.” DON’T! Believe me, the last thing you want is a demon following you home for dinner.

Leave the ghost-hunting/busting to the professionals. At least they get paid for their stupidity.

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I’m Back!

Well, ya’ just can’t keep a good Witchy Woman down. After many years, I am back to share new information and tons of experience in the area of Woo-Woo. (aka: supernatural and paranormal area.)

Just to refresh your memories: I am a professional Tarot reader as well as an award-winning author of paranormal/supernatural books. Many people ask how I got started reading the Tarot. It runs in my blood for one thing. Both Grandma and Aunt Anna were “gifted” in this area, so it just comes natural. For another, it always fascinated me how a perfect stranger could throw a few cards and be able to tell so much of my past, present, and future. So, I decided to find out. I signed up for Tarot reading classes and the rest is history.

In upcoming posts I will share some of my experiences, pet-peeves, tips, and knowledge I’ve gained over the 30 years of reading cards. Today is a combo of misconceptions, pet-peeves and a tip.

Misconception #1: Tarot Cards and Readers are not fortune tellers! Sorry, but no one but God knows your future. Because of a little thing, called “free-will” futures are not absolute. Now, I know this sounds like a cop-out. Never-the-less it’s the truth. The cards are only tools that can reveal new possibilities and help one gain new perspective on subjects.

Pet Peeve #1: You’re cursed! Oh, boy, this gets my blood to pumping. If a reader says there is a curse on you and for ten dollars they can light a white candle and get rid of it, RUN! This is bull-shit! Very, very few people are cursed and it they are believe me, money and a white candle ain’t gonna get rid of it! Sincere readers help and give hope. They do NOT scare the crap out of their clients.

Tip #1: Beware the “Dollar-A-Minute“: Most readers charge a dollar a minute. There is nothing wrong with this. We are providing a service and are working and should be compensated. However, just be aware. Some readers are in it for the “buck”. Ten-minutes for ten dollars? Yeah, that sounds great. But at 9:59 the reader throws out a tease by saying: “A tall, dark stranger will enter you life.” Well of course, you want to know more! The next thing you know, a ten-minute reading stretches out longer and your ten dollars is shot.

That sums it up for now. In the next weeks we will examine the cards and their meanings. Until then, stay safe. Be kind.

Y’all come back now, ya’ hear!

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For Jeff: A Guardian Angel in Waiting

angelThis past weekend I attended the 28th Annual Ozark Mountain UFO conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I took my book, Daughter of the Howling Moon to sell. I also took my tarot cards to do readings. ETs loved Daughter and my tarot reading was rad.

I’ve been reading the Tarot for over twenty years. I’ve read at numerous physic fairs, birthdays, bachelorette, girls-night-out parties, even a writing retreat. But I have never had a connection to a client so profound or rewarding as one I experienced this weekend.

Tarot readers are light workers. It is our job to bring hope, inspiration, and guidance to our customers. If you’ve ever experienced a reading that left you depressed or has scared the be-Jesus out of you, then you got a hold of a bad reader. Period. While we above-average readers won’t sugar-coat our messages received from a higher source, we will always find a silver-lining of hope in what we say. That is our job.

I pride myself on being the most joyful, fun-loving tarot reader you’ll find. A reading should be enjoyable. While I am quite serious in the messages I deliver, I get as excited, overjoyed, and enthusiastic as my client. And when I get on a roll, the room shines with light and rings with laughter. I am not a medium. I don’t usually see dead people. I don’t usually talk to them either. At times they have come through while reading, and I will acknowledge their presence. But this is rare.

Why am I telling you this? Because this weekend I had three overpowering readings for two sisters and their mother which changed both them and me. Forever.

I saw the two young women walk in together the first day of the conference. There was quite a crowd around but I noticed them right away. They didn’t walk past me, instead they talked to the gentleman who had a table next to mine. I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but time-after-time I found myself drawn to them. At one point, one of girls became quite emotional and struggled to keep tears from streaking mascara and blush. It was a losing battle. I felt empathy toward her. Not something I experience often. Again, I felt pulled but didn’t responded to the tug. However, I told myself if I got a second chance to speak to them, I’d jump on it.

As Universe ordained, I saw them the next day. I took a deep breath and said hello. Out of the blue I asked one of the women if she had a brother. When she confirmed that she did, that was all it took. The flood gates broke open. Her brother had not passed, never-the-less he was directing everything I said. How do I know this? Because I was speaking and telling her things I have never said before. Ever.

I won’t go into everything that went down between us, (which was quite a lot) because that is extremely non-professional, morally wrong, and, to be honest, no one’s business. Tarot readers are bound by an unspoken code not to blab about readings.  It’s an invasion of privacy. Nine times out of ten, I don’t remember what I say anyway. True the words are coming out of my mouth, but they are not mine. They come from Universe. God. The Great White Spirit. The Force. Whatever you wish to call it. I am just a messenger. Even still I won’t discuss specifics of a reading.

The two women were sisters and looked so much alike they could’ve been twins. The messages I gave the younger of the two sparked tears once more, but not tears of sadness. Tears of relief. Tears of joy. The older of the two got a reading from me that hit home, gave confirmation, and bonded us like super glue. Their mother came to me afterwards, held my hand, and told me how grateful she was for the messages I had passed along, She said I had no idea what my words had done.

The next day, the first woman came back for a reading. Then Mom. Both of the readings were so full of joy that our laughter overwhelmed the room. People gawked. Some vendors even came over to ask what the heck was going on. The four of us were connected and experiencing a life-changing event. Shoot. Event doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Miracle is more like it.

In Daughter of the Howling Moon, Bethany Ann speaks about split-in-halves. These three woman and their brother were more than split-in-halves. They were one entity so strong, so full of love that they had split into fourths to come to this lower realm to express and give that love physically. The brother even shed his wings and halo to come to this dimension to save a lost soul. To give unconditional love. A huge statement, I know, but the truth none-the-less. I told you, the whole thing was profound.

I helped one heal. Which in turn, helped all of them heal.

My messages gave them peace and positive confirmation. I told them over-and-over how grateful and how honored I was that Universe chose me to bring healing and harmony to them.

I may never see these women again or even met their brother. I feel quite confident, however, we will hook up in the higher realm and share laughter, love, and joy once more. I will never, ever forget these three exceptional women and the spiritual bond that connected us in that wrinkle in time. A bond that will last a lifetime and beyond. I hope they read this blog and know that they are the reason I went to the conference. They are the reason why I read the Tarot.

These three women along with their son/ brother are proof positive that angels do indeed walk among us.

R.H. Burkett: author-Daughter of the Howling Moon, The Rook and the Raven

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The Beauty of Magic

Truths by Ruth

crystal ball

I look at the above picture (taken my Jan Morrill) and wonder at the beauty of magic. See how the light plays and dances in the globe? How the hard world blurs, becomes softer, more mystical in its radiance? What a dark, gloomy place this world would be without magic.

So what do I mean my magic? Humans, being the way we are, try to make something difficult out something so simple. Oh sure, magic can be a grand thing, but most of the time, magic simmers just below the surface and waits to spill its essence in small seemingly quiet ways:
A license plate on the car in front of you bears your departed loved ones initials.
A smile.
A wink.
A kiss.
A red cardinal against the white of snow.
Twinkle lights in the trees.
A crow feather given in gratitude for the bird bath of water…

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Truths by Ruth

Da Vinci

One of the many reasons I love the movie, The Da Vinci Code is the relationship between Langdon and Sophie. Thankfully Dan Brown did not make their relationship a romantic one. I heard he was criticized for this, the public wanted a love story. The Da Vinci Code, however is not a romance. While there is great love between Langdon and Sophie, a romance between them would’ve ruined the story. Langdon would’ve died for Sophie. Sophie would’ve died for Langdon. For he was her Knight. Her hero.

When writing my new novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon, I too was criticized for not having a love relationship develop between Bethany Ann and Benjamin. But, just like the DaVinci Code, Daughter of the Howling Moon is far from a romance. I wanted the reader to concentrate of the message of good verses evil. A physical relationship between the…

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Caroll O’Connor = Sheriff Buford Tate

Truths by Ruth


One of the most asked questions I get as a writer is, “where do you come up with your ideas?”

If you were in a room of 100 writers and asked this question, odds are you’d get 100 different answers. I can only answer for me.

My ideas come from everyday life. I listen. I never know when a title will emerge from every day conversation. This is what happened with The Church of the Howling Moon, aka Daughter of theHowling Moon. The story, however came directly from the spirit of Bethany Ann. As I have often said, I channel my characters. How does this work?

I’m a TV and movie nut, therefore spirits will flash pictures of movie and TV stars they closely resemble in my head. Sometimes it isn’t the physical look they’re going for but the personality of that character in a particular role. Clear as…

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The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Truths by Ruth

Halloween by Pan Cat

A few years ago I took a Caribbean cruise. It was a Carnival cruise and the ship docked in New Orleans. I had one day to explore this City. OMG! What a wild time.
Yes, Bourbon Street is wild and wooly and stinky. Beads are thrown, bare breasts are flashed. (not mine, of course). The Howl at the Moon bar was packed and the music blared. Howl at the Moon bar may no longer be on Bourbon Street which would be unfortunate because I had a great time at that place. Howl at the Moon. How ironic. Who would’ve guessed then I would write a book called the Daughter of the Howling Moon? Coincidence? There be no such things.

Of course being a fan of the paranormal and a tarot card reader as well, I wanted to go to every Voodoo shop I could find. I confess, I know nothing…

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Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Truths by Ruth


Here is my fourth painting inspired by my novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon due out this November from Pen-L Publishing.

The Bible represents the villan in the story, Reverend Jedidiah Wayne. Ol’ Jed and Ol’ Scratch are partners in crime. Jed hides behind the collar. Preaching the Word while committing sins against the most innocent. It is not intended to be a cut on organized religion. No doubt, however some will perceive it that way. To those I say, bless you. Well, not really. What I really want to say, is shame on you. Enough said.

The pistol represents the co-hero in the book, Deputy Sheriff Benjamin Sol. Benjamin has lost his spiritual faith but stands strong in his belief in the physical law. But can the physical defeat the non-physical? Even he asks, “how can you shoot something that moves like smoke?”

The jaguar in the…

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The Long Island Medium-Theresa Caputo

Truths by Ruth

When book-hunting, the first thing that draws my attention is the cover. Next to a great title, the book cover grabs by attention and makes me pick up the book. Then I flip it over to read the blurbs on the back. A great blurb, especially from someone I know or have heard of, often times determines if I buy or pass.

My new novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon, is due to be released late this year from Pen-L Publishing. I’m proud of everything I write, but this book is extra-special to me. For one thing, all of it was channeled. From the first word to the last, I depended on my character, Bethany Ann to give me her story. It wasn’t until the 12th chapter that she trusted me enough to finally give me the plot and where this story was headed. Until then, she just gave…

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