Who Ya’ Gonna’ Call?—-Not Me!

Ok. I am a tarot card reader. Ok. I’m a paranormal/supernatural author. Ok. I like most things woo-woo. BUT. I do have limits and ghost hunting/busting is one of them.

I was channel surfing the other night and came across The Travel Channel. This channel features a lot of paranormal shows and ghost hunting programs. One program scares the willies out of me, even though I am addicted to it.

This show features four guys that go around the country looking for ghosts. They investigate haunted houses, museums, old hospitals, sanatoriums, old prisons,(for some reason they really like old prisons.), basically any place that is reported haunted. However, these men aren’t searching for Casper the Friendly Ghost. Noooooo. They hunt for demons. Yep. That’s right. Good ol’ slobbering, ugly, evil demons from hell.

If you go looking for something, you usually find it.

Here I was all tucked in on the couch. Lights off. Cat curled by my side. A bowl of popcorn in my lap. All comfy-cozy and ready to watch these guys. Comfy-cozy didn’t last long.

Right out of the gate, they encounter a demon. True to demon behavior the first thing it says in voice that makes every hair on my body stand up straight, is “GET OUT.” Well, of course that is just a teaser to these guys. I’d of made a new door getting the hell out there but they not only say no, they provoke the demon!

“No, we aren’t going to leave. You want a piece of me? Ok. Here I am, come get me!”

The next thing I knew, the demon’s face appeared in the mirror and attacked the ghost hunters. I about peed my pants. Popcorn went flying. Cat went flying. Turned on every light in the place.

They poked the bear (or demon in this case) and when they got attacked, they went berserk, freaked out, and had a major melt-down. Well, what do you expect? You asked for it. These guys are bat-crap crazy! It’s a classic case of, “be careful what you wish for.”

The moral of this story is, if one night you and your buddies are kicking back, downing a few cold ones, and somebody says, “Let’s go ghost-hunting.” DON’T! Believe me, the last thing you want is a demon following you home for dinner.

Leave the ghost-hunting/busting to the professionals. At least they get paid for their stupidity.

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