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One of the most interesting and fun times I’ve had as a Tarot reader is group readings. I’ve read cards at birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and girl’s night out. Women seem to be more drawn to tarot, but that’s not to say I’ve never read for men. I think men are more hesitate to have their feelings and deep, dark secrets reveled. What do you think?

Group readings are fun for me because I encourage everyone to join in the fun. Ideas and inspiration come from many sources and I love hearing everyone’s take on the cards. Sometimes it opens up a whole new line of thought for me about a particular card. Following along this line of, “inspiration comes from many places,” last night while trying to turn my brain off and go to sleep, a new thought popped in my head concerning this week’s card, THE MAGICIAN


THE MAGICIAN is card number I in the Major Arcana. In last week’s discussion of THE FOOL, I liked it to graduation from High School or college. THE MAGICIAN is what happens after graduation. The card stands for new beginnings. For example, a new job. You will note on the card, that the magician has all his tools laid out on the table in front on him. He’s done with education and homework and is ready to put that knowledge to work. He is the master, the creator of new ideas. His wand is held high, a symbol of “I can do anything I desire. I have the power.” THE MAGICIAN is confident, intuitive, and willing to take risks. He knows his own potential and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. He wears the red robe of authority.

Last week I mentioned that Tarot can be as complicated or as easy as you wish to make it. The cards involve a knowledge of numerology, astrology, and the Qabalah to name only a few. (I know just enough about all of these to be really dangerous.) THE MAGICIAN is tied to the planet, Mercury. Mercury controls communications. Therefore, public speakers, TV news anchors, etc, etc, often draw this card. He is also tied to THOTH, the god of magic and writing. Authors may draw his card when thinking of new book ideas.

THE MAGICIAN plans and arranges his life.

Now, what happens on the flip side? THE MAGICIAN can also be timid, shy, have self esteem issues. He has trouble expressing himself. Sometimes people with learning disabilities pull this card.

I mentioned I had another thought last night for this card. It occurred to me that a magician depends on illusion, tricks, and slight of hand. Not everything you see is real. Trickery may be afoot. I will keep this in mind the next time THE MAGICIAN is thrown.


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