Not only am I an award-winning author, I’m an intuitive tarot card reader as well. I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on the tarot and the meaning of the cards.

Tarot reading can be as complicated or as simple as you wish to make it. While I think it is important to know the basics of tarot reading, such as the different suits, what they’re called, and the meaning of each, I don’t get caught-up in all the mechanics like some readers do. I also go against a few traditional beliefs of tarot readers. I hold to the “Keep it Sublimly Simple” principle when I read. My readings are energetic, joyful, short, sweet, and stright-to-the-point. Does that make me a better or poorer reader? You be the judge.

There are as many decks of tarot cards as there are stars. I’ve tried reading with various decks but always come back to the Rider-Watie. I do wrap them in silk, and I did sleep with the deck under my pillow when I first got them. I consider the cards old friends.

In addition, there are many different lay-outs or spreads a reader can use. I use a variation of the Celtic Cross Spread. However there are times when I simply “toss out” the cards in no certain order, read in no certain order, or pay little mind if the card is reversed or forward to me. I go where my guides and angels direct me.

The tarot deck consists of 78 cards and are divided into the major and minor Arcana. Each week I will discuss my thoughts and ideas on the cards that comprise the Major Arcana. Keep in mind, each reader has their own thoughts on the cards and their own way of reading. To my mind, no one way is better than the other. Just different. I realize that some readers out there may disagree greatly with my methods. Hmm . . . to each his own.

This week, I want to talk about the first card in the Major Arcana: THE FOOL.

I look at the major arcana as the steps and events we experience in life. The minor arcana helps to explain and clarify the Major cards. You will notice the number assigned to THE FOOL is a zero. (As a side note, everything drawn of the card is significant. Every thing from the numbers at the top, to the smallest of detail are symbols and signs, and are there for a reason.)

THE FOOL, (for me), represents new beginnings, hope, optimism. Remember how you felt when you graduated high-school or college? The world was your oyster. Nothing was impossible. Notice the man on the card. The sun is shining on his back, he holds a white rose of hope in his hand, his faithful companions (represented by the white dog) urge him forward. If he falls off the edge of the cliff, no big deal, he’ll just learn to fly. Expect this card to show up not only at graduations but when new business and career opportunities are possible as well or when any new possibilities are afloat.

On the flip side however, THE FOOL can also mean just that; you are about to do something foolish, reckless, or impulsive. People who are scattered, who waste their creativity, their potential and shun opportunities, who go through life clueless, often draw this card.

I have many favorite cards in the tarot deck, and THE FOOL is one of these. I love the feeling of freedom, the “kick ass and take names” attitude it projects.

Look at the card. What does it say to you? Let me know. And remember, no answer is wrong, right, or stupid.

Questions? Bring them on!


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