Strength card

The eighth card in the Major Arcana is Strength. This is another favorite card of mine.

In older decks, this card was often labeled The Power card. The card’s ruling sign is Leo. Leo the Lion. Tons of power and strength there, so it’s only fitting that the King of Beasts is portrayed front and center. But what about the girl? Where does she fit in?

This card is not only about strength but balance as well. The gentle woman needs the hot, roaring energy of the lion. The lion needs the gentleness of the woman. Together, strength and gentleness combine to make powerful energy. This card represents the taming and understanding of our wild side or the melding of the emotional and physical. The card shows up when strength and power of action is needed. It’s confidence and courage. A diplomat or arbitrator would draw this card. But zoo keepers and vets could throw this card as well for obvious reasons.

Of course, the down side of the card is the exact opposite, as is usually the case. indecision, weakness, surrender, and defeat.

I read somewhere that this card represents the Bible story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Daddy gave me great advice once concerning this story. He said it’s one thing to be thrown into the Lion’s Den but quite another to jump into the pit. Meaning, wisdom and self-control verses stupidity and foolishness. If thrown into a hairy situation against your will, you will be protected. But to willingly jump into harm’s way? Well . . . that’s a different story.

So what is the message for the upcoming week? Think before you act. Temper anger and unproductive energy with gentleness and kindness. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t jump to conclusions. Listen to your little voice and don’t march willingly into hell even for a heavenly cause.

Oh! Almost forgot. Pet a lion this week. Ha! Kidding. (That would be jumping into the lion’s den.) Pet a cat or dog instead. It does a body good.

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  1. Jan Morrill says:

    And just when I needed this card. 🙂 Perfect timing, Ruthie!

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