The tenth Major Arcana card is The Wheel of Fortune. It is the Karma card.

Very plainly explained, Karma means, “what goes around, comes around.”

I’m a firmer believer in Karma and try only to accumulate good Karma, not bad. Karma follows you from one lifetime to another. Each lifetime you have the opportunity to satisfy whatever Karma dogs your steps so that you won’t drag it into another reincarnation. The goal is not to rack up any more bad Karma along the way. Otherwise the cycle will never be broken.

I believe I’ve satisfied all Karma I drug into this lifetime. I am Karma free, baby and try very, very hard to stay that way. I now have what my witchy friends and I call, “boomerang Karma.” Anytime I slip backwards into old habits of trashing someone or thinking thoughts of revenge and payback, Karma immediately hits me upside the head. This phenomena can be quite painful (literally and figuratively) which is why I strive to stay on the straight and narrow. However, I’m comforted knowing that I’ll pay for my wickedness right away instead of it being a ball and chain I carry from life to life.

The Wheel of Fortune means a turning point in your life is coming. It stands for opportunities, progress, advancement, and the beginning of an new cycle. The card is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the god Zeus which and who, are bringers of good fortune.

Thinking outside the box, anytime a client throws the Wheel of Fortune card, I suggest if they are going to a casino, to play The Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Ya’ got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Message for the week: Do something positive. Create good Karma.

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